Recently an article was written by Samantha Taylor about teenagers using social media and texting to contact and connect with each other. The article portrays an teenagers using social media as being anti-social. I feel humiliated and very offended and I’m sure other teenagers that viewed your article would feel the same. The article will have an […]

Think of a beautiful loving child all alone in a dark place, he/she is confused but has it’s mother to protect it from anything, and it doesn’t have a clue that something will kill it, and even if it did it does not have any way to stop this from happening.  Many pregnant females have […]

Aatif How does Shakespeare and Shelley explore power and control through language, structure? This essay contains the involvement of power and control through language used by the characters in the two novels, Frankenstein (Mary Shelley) and The Tempest (William Shakespeare). The word power is a noun used to express the ability or capacity to do […]

Many pregnant females have made the decision to have an abortion. An abortion is to kill your baby before it leaves the womb, in other words; to have an operation to end pregnancy. There are many ways why people make this decision. Abortion is wrong, each time it is done an innocent life is being […]

Drivers were aborting their cars and running for their lives, trying to get off the motorway on foot. Turning frantically, cars were trying to prevent themselves from being crushed to death. They were trying to avoid the large tank driving on the wrong side of the road, approaching opposite traffic. It was unstoppable. No one […]